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"For all the TLC shown not only to me but to all the other patients, each of us was made to feel special and I enjoyed the time spent in the ward".

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Dermatology (Skin conditions)

Ward 5 New Victoria Wing

Contact: (0191) 282 5599 - Sister J Cutmore

Ward 5 is an 8-bedded Dermatology inpatient ward which looks after adults who require specialist inpatient care for chronic (persistent) or severe skin conditions.

You may also be required to stay on the ward if you are receiving new specialist treatment so that the ward staff can closely monitor progress with your condition, and make sure you receive any support and advice you might need at any time.

We care for a wide range of skin diseases which include common conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, leg ulcers and blistering conditions as well as more severe conditions such as Erythroderma and Toxic Epidermal Necroylsis.

Younger patients who require treatment on a Saturday or Sunday will be seen on Ward 5 as the Children’s Outpatient Department is closed at weekends.

Staff you are likely to meet

Please click here for details about the Dermatology staff you might see on the ward. In addition to this the ward is supported by the Physiotherapy, and Occupational Therapy departments.

How to find Ward 5

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Ward 5 is on Level 2 of New Victoria Wing. If you come in through the Main Entrance take the lifts, stairs or escalators up to the next level.

Whichever way you choose to come up to Level 2, turn to your left and walk down the corridor a little way and you will see the signs for Ward 5 on your left hand side.


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