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Self-Pay Laser Clinic

The Royal Victoria Infirmary laser service includes the full range of lasers for:-

  •  Hair removal
  • Tattoo removal
  • Vascular lesions such as facial blood vessels
  •  Rejuvenation to reduce redness and mild sun induced pigmentation

Recent changes in what the NHS will pay for means that very few skin conditions are now approved for NHS laser treatment. We have started the self-pay service to enable our patients to still access these treatments at reasonable cost.

The cost of laser treatment is highly variable and is done on a per session basis. Each patient is assessed individually and will be advised of the cost before any treatment takes place.

At your first visit a full assessment will be undertaken and we will determine your suitability for laser treatment. The first treatment in any course of laser therapy will be a patch test to see how sensitive your skin is to the treatment. The initial assessment and patch testing costs £50.

Other treatment costs are variable and depend on the condition being treated, the size of the area, the time it takes and the number of laser shots needed. For example,  treatment of a small area of skin measuring 5x5cm would be £75 for a single treatment. A single treatment for a large area such as a whole leg for hair removal would be £350. For successful treatment, many procedures such as hair removal require up to 6 visits so it is important to consider the potential total costs of a course of treatment when deciding whether or not to proceed.

For general enquiries including prices please contact the Self-Pay Laser Clinic at:

All revenue from this service goes to support our NHS services.

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