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This page contains relevent information and forms for General Practioners about Newcastle Fertility Centre's treatments and the Andro,logy Diagnostic Service (semen).

Diagnostic Andrology Service (Semen)

We are changing from a ‘drop off centre’ to a ‘referral based centre’ for semen analysis; patients will be asked to produce their sample on site. This is so that patient samples can be handled appropriately prior to processing (e.g. temperature) and the time from ejaculation to analysis can be better controlled in accordance with WHO guidelines.

We believe that this system will provide a more accurate assessment of fertility for your patients.

We do understand that in exceptional circumstances patients may have a problem producing a sample onsite (e.g. psychological), in such cases we do accept samples being ‘dropped off’ but please refer the patient in the same way with a note to that affect. We will then book an appropriate "drop-off" time with the patient directly.

Referral Letters (to download)

Referral Letter - Word

Referral Letter - PDF

Fertility Treatment

We are committed to providing a high quality service with a personal touch and offer a range of investigations to couples who have subfertility. IVF and ICSI are thought to be the only options for treatment, we do offer alternative treatments such as ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination and donor treatment.

Newcastle Fertility Centre is the only centre in the North East to provide a Young Persons Fertility Clinic, Surgical Sperm Retrieval and a Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnostic Service.

Vasectomy Service

Mr Kevin McEleny, a Consultant Urologist at Newcastle Fertility Centre is now offering this technique in a one stop clinic format, to patients. This has replaced the previous two-stop pathway used by Newcastle Urology at the Freeman Hospital, where patients were seen for a clinic consultation first, before being put on the waiting list for the procedure. By moving the service to Newcastle Fertility Centre, this new development will allow the Urology Team more theatre time to do the more complex and specialised surgical work for which they are nationally renowned, while offering the service to patients in a more streamlined and efficient way.

When patients now visit their GP to discuss vasectomy, the GP can download a counselling leaflet to give to the patient and attached to this document, is a brief tick box check list, to ensure their suitability for local anaesthetic vasectomy at Newcastle Fertility Centre.The form can then be faxed or posted back to us for triage or an appointment given through e-Referral, or by an allocated appointment if e-Referral isn’t used.

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