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Egg donation

If you are interested at all in Egg Donation, including for Mitochondrial Disorders, please contact us.

Are you interested in finding out more about being a donor?

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If yes then please click on the link below and send us your details. We will send you further information regarding this.

Thank you for your interest in considering egg donation. Please find some brief information regarding this.

Option for potential egg donors.
At Newcastle Fertility Centre, you can consider donating eggs for one of the following options:

1.     Egg donation for research: To help advance science and research

2.     Egg donation for treatment: To help women and couples who are unable to use their own eggs to have children

3.     Mitochondrial donation: To help women who have serious genetic condition such as mitochondrial disease carrying faulty genes in their mitochondria (batteries of the cells) have healthy babies free of this mutation.

Am I eligible?

1.   Are you between 18-35 years of age?

2.   Are you generally fit and healthy?

3.   If you know your height and weight then is your body mass index ≤ 30?

If you have answered yes to all of the above, then you may be suitable to be considered for being an egg donor. If you are unsure but are keen to explore this further, please still get in touch with us.


Where can I get more information?

We will send you detailed information regarding egg donation to help you understand it better. We would then organise face to face clinic consultation to discuss this further. You are under no obligation to proceed.

In UK, HFEA regulates processes involving egg donation and it is mandatory that all centres offering this is licensed by HFEA. You can read more about donation by clicking on this link below.


Is there a financial compensation to be an egg donor?

Egg donation is done on a voluntary and altruistic basis. Under HFEA legislation (2008) you will be entitled to maximum compensation of £750 to cover expenses.


Can I ring you first to get more information?

Yes, you can contact us on 0191 2138213 and ask to speak to egg donor co-ordinator. Alternatively, it may be simpler to get in touch via this form.


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