Termination of pregnancy at home

This page provides information about our early pregnancy medical termination-at-home service.

This is one of a range of services which offer choice, helping women in Newcastle to feel more in control of their treatment - an essential part of decision-making in often difficult circumstances.

What does the procedure involve?

The procedure is called ‘Early Medical Termination of Pregnancy at Home’. It involves:

  1. women attend the Women’s Health Unit to take one tablet (called Mifepristone) 
  2. women come back to the unit 48 hours later for further treatment (another medication called Misoprostol which is given vaginally).
  3. instead of staying in hospital to pass the pregnancy, the woman can do this at home
  4. about six hours after the treatment has started, women are contacted at home by one of our experienced nurses. Our nurses can then offer support and advice.
  5. patients are contacted three weeks after the procedure to ensure a pregnancy test is taken with a negative result.

Before the treatment, we fully counsel women about all the possible risks, including the possibility of an ongoing pregnancy.

Emergency contact details

We give women contact details for medical and nursing staff via the Gynaecology Department’s Emergency Assessment Service.

This helps women to get help or reassurance should they encounter any problems during or after the procedure.

Criteria for treatment

Before they are offered this procedure, women must meet certain criteria. These include:

  • a confirmed pregnancy less than nine weeks gone
  • the woman should be over 16 years of age (unless accompanied by a parent/guardian)
  • the woman should be certain of the decision to end the pregnancy
  • an adult should accompany them at home before, during and after taking the misoprostol
  • the woman should live within 40 minutes travelling time from the RVI
  • the woman should have no conditions or other reasons that may stop her from having a medical abortion
  • a language interpreter isn’t needed
  • we have no cause for concern about the woman’s wellbeing, or safeguarding issues.

Management plan

After we receive consent from the woman, we inform the patient’s GP of the treatment management plan, particularly if the woman has self-referred.

GPs are kept fully informed about the care, treatment plan and outcome.

What women have told us

The feedback we have received from women who have chosen this treatment option has been positive.

Women have said they feel more comfortable having the procedure in their own home. They feel supported by friends and family with the reassurance that nursing and medical staff are available 24 hours a day for professional advice and support.

More information

For more advice about termination of pregnancy, please contact our service:

  • between 8.00am and 8.00pm, tel: 0191 282 5618
  • between 8.00pm and 8.00am, tel: 0191 282 5640

You can also find more information about early termination of pregnancy at home.

GPs can contact the Termination of Pregnancy Bureau:

  • weekdays during office hours, tel: 0191 282 5869


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