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"The professionalism and humanity shown by your staff was second to none from the nurses and doctors at the Assessment Unit".  Mr SB

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Medicine Services

Assessment Suite (AS) RVI

The Assessment Suite (AS) looks after patients who are admitted as emergency cases and require hospital admission, either via referral from their GP or the Emergency Department.  Please note that patients cannot self-refer here. 

This is a very busy unit.   If you are admitted to AS, you will be seen by the medical and surgical on-call doctors, before being admitted to a specific ward relevant to your condition. 

Some patients may stay on the unit on a short term basis until you can be transferred to the appropriate place. This may be to another ward at the RVI, or another hospital or if felt appropriate, you may be discharged back to your own home.

Ambulatory Care Unit

The Ambulatory Care Unit is next to the Admission Suite and provides care for patients who have investigations and treatments completed and discharged the same day. The Ambulatory Care Unit has incorporated the Discharge Lounge to help patients to be discharged from our wards more quickly.

Referrals to ACU are via bed bureau and if advice needed, please call the consultant on call for medicine on 0191 2821524 Mon-Fri 0900-1900 and medical SpR on 0191 282 9918 out of hours.

For more details, see the contacts at the bottom of this page.

How to find us

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The Assessment Suite, Royal Victoria Infirmary relocated to a brand new unit on Saturday 12th June 2010.

Patients can now access the new ground floor unit via dedicated external entrance situated approximately 50 metres from the LeazesWing entrance to the Royal Victoria Infirmary off Richardson Road.


How to get to the hospital

Staff you are likely to meet

You will be cared for by a team of nurses and support staff.  Doctors will assess your condition and make the necessary recommendations for treatment options.  Each and every patient is reviewed by a consultant within 24 hours of arrival on the unit.

Other support staff regularly visit the ward including physiotherapists and social workers. 

Things you need to know

  • Please note that this is a very busy unit with up to 70 admissions every day. Patients do not stay on this unit for very long. Following initial assessment patients will be transferred - please contact the nurse in charge of the unit for more information.
  • We realise that relatives and friends may be concerned and wish to phone the unit for news.  However we would ask that one nominated person phone, if possible after noon when more information is likely to be available following the doctors' round.
  • Please do not bring fresh flowers onto this unit.  This is to help with infection control.

More information

For more information about the Assessment Suite, please contact: 

AS Reception

Tel: 0191 282 0646

For more information about the Ambulatory Care Unit, please contact:

ACU reception

Tel: 0191 282 1060

Fax: 0191 282 4624

Nurse in Charge

Tel: 0191 282 1598

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