Maternity Unit

Natal Hypnotherapy

Our Natal Hypnotherapy Workshops are taught by a Registered Nurse. There are two workshops available that you and your birthing partner can attend when you are between 25 and 38 weeks pregnant.

You can choose to attend either one or both workshops. Each workshop lasts six hours and costs £95 per couple.


Attending a workshop you learn:

Workshop 1 - Natural Pain Relief for birth

  • Natural ways to reduce pain in childbirth
  • Self-hypnosis skills to overcome fear and increase your confidence and trust in your ability to give birth
  • Effective breathing and deep relaxation techniques
  • How fear or anxiety can have a negative impact on your body during the birth and learn how to reduce it
  • Ways your birth partner can help you achieve a deeply relaxed state

Workshop 2 - Practical Birth Preparation

  • How your body works best during labour and what you can do to help it
  • How your emotions change during labour and signs to look for
  • Effective ways to work with the medical team supporting you
  • Practical tools and techniques for your partner to keep you calm, relaxed and ease discomfort during the birth
  • Practical techniques to help you stay calm and relaxed during the birth including massage, using a birthing ball and birthing positions

More information

For information and availability of workshops please contact:

Rachel Carr on 07969388344 



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