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We'll be thankful for the rest of our lives

Dear Ward 35 Red Area,

Shortbread cannot possibly express our gratitude for all you are doing for our baby and for us. But please enjoy it and celebrate her first beautiful week of life.

Thank you for your sensitive, responsive, cautious care to her. Thank you for being gentle and singing to her. Thank you for the years and years of study and work you have put in to develop the skill and experience that we are so blessed by now. Thank you for taking her footprint and photos and writing cards.

Hour by hour you are giving us a precious, precious gift which can never be taken from us. We will be thankful for the rest of our lives.

Mrs D

Thank you letter to Dr Sturgiss and team in the Fetal Medicine

Dear Mr Sturgiss and team - Just a note to say my baby is doing fine and gaining weight.  We want to say a big “thank you” to you all for everything you did for us.  Although it is obvious that the unit is extremely busy we always felt that you were very helpful and patient with us and always more than willing to answer any questions or concerns that we had. We are totally in awe of the fantastic work you do.

My baby needed one exchange transfusion on the evening that he was born.  We were home on July 10th which was due to the excellent progress that he made.  He is absolutely perfect and certainly none the worse for all he has been through. So thank you once again!"  Ms DH

Patient thank you letter to midwives and for care on Ward 32

"I walked into the RVI anxious and nervous, however left with a beautiful baby girl having had a wonderful (if somewhat painful) experience.  The staff were amazing, a special thanks to the two amazing midwives (I think one was called Lyndsey – I was high on epidural at the time!!!).  I cannot express how grateful I was to them both, their kindness, sense of humour and calmness made the whole experience one I will remember.

The aftercare on Ward 32 was equally amazing, all the girls looking after me and my baby were lovely. I just wanted to write (sorry it’s a wee bit late) to let you know the amazing staff you have should be commended.  Since leaving, every mother-to-be I meet, I tell them how great the RVI Maternity Unit is!  Again I want to thank you all!" Mrs KR-S

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