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Maternity Unit

Fetal Medicine Unit

You will naturally be very worried if the sonographer finds anything unusual when carrying out your scan. He or she will immediately refer you to be seen by a consultant obstetrician or one of our Fetal Medicine Specialists as soon as possible.

Specialist care where and when you need it most

Woman having a scanThe RVI is the North East’s centre for highly specialist care should complications arise before, during or after your birth. 

In the unlikely event that your baby does have a serious health problem, you will receive all the expert advice and support you need to help you make any decisions necessary.

Your doctor and midwife will also help you prepare for the special care your baby might need after being born or, in very rare cases, for delicate surgery before (intrauterine) or after birth.

Keeping a close eye on the health of you and your baby

You will be closely monitored in the Fetal Medicine Unit and receive regular ultrasound scans to provide Fetal Anomoly Screening. These scans can identify certain abnormalities such as some heart problems and the development of cleft lip and palate which may need treatment or corrective surgery soon after the baby is born. If this is the case your doctor will arrange for you to be seen by the most appropriate specialists at one of our hospitals.

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