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Maternity Unit

Delivery Suite

The Delivery Suite at the RVI is situated within the Maternity Unit on Level Four of the Leazes Wing. Here we care for women in labour, guiding, supporting and assisting with the process of giving birth.

We have:

  •  two maternity theatres,
  • a three bed recovery room,
  • twelve birth rooms
  • two pool rooms.

The staff who work here can assist with any event during a labour and birth, from the normal and low risk to the births that require more medical assistance.

If you have made a ‘birth plan’ please tell the midwife caring for you so that we can do our best to work with you during this time.

If you are coming to the Maternity Unit because you suspect you may be in labour, please telephone:

  • Labour Line on tel: 0191 282 6363

The midwife will give you support and advice that may help you to stay at home until it is a good time to come in. 

She will also explain where to park if you are coming by car. Parking spaces for women in labour are very limited, so if you can arrange to be dropped off at the unit, this would be preferable.

How to find us

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The Maternity Unit is on level four in the Leazes Wing or the RVI. 

To find us:

  • Come through the Leazes Wing Main Entrance and walk past the main reception desk to your left.
  • Take the lifts or stairs upto level 4 and enter the Maternity Unit
  • Report to the reception desk. If it is night time and the security doors are locked, please press the intercom and the receptionist will let you in.
  • You will be shown to the Maternity Assessment Unit.

How to get to the hospital

Things you need to know

Here is list of the things you might like to bring with you into hospital for labour and birth:

  • An old night shirt or extra large t-shirt is good for labour and birth, one that you won't mind getting messy, as well as a dressing gown and slippers 
  • Disposable or re-useable nappies and baby clothes
  • A couple of face cloths, a towel and some toiletries
  • Thick maternity pads 
  • Isotonic drinks for labour
  • Music
  • A camera  
  • Snacks and drinks for your birthing partner
  • You can have the birth partners of your choice, but please be aware that there is no visiting on the Delivery Suite for relatives or friends other than birthing partners
  • We would also be grateful if you could ask family and friends to wait for you to call them rather than phone the Maternity Unit for information as we are unable to provide them with any news

More information

For more details about the Delivery Suite, please contact: 

  • Maternity Unit Reception
  • Tel: 0191 282 5119
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