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Maternity Unit

Maternity Assessment Unit

The Maternity Assessment Unit is open 24 hours a day. The midwives who work here care for any women who have been referred by their GP or Midwife although you can also self refer at any time during your pregnancy. 

We see women in the unit:

  • if you have raised blood pressure and need to be monitored
  • if you think your 'waters' may have broken
  • if you have a baby coming in the breech position (bottom first) 
  • if you have abdominal pain or bleeding at any stage during your pregnancy
  • if you feel that you may be in labour
  • for any other reason where there is a concern about your pregnancy.

Please note if you are low risk and planning to give birth in the Newcastle Birthing Centre and you think you are in labour please contact them direct on:

  • Labour Line on tel: 0191 282 6363.

   Maternity Assessment Unit

How to find us

We are based on level four of the Leazes Wing, RVI, Queen Victoria Road, Newcastle, NE1 4LP.

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The Maternity Assessment Unit is on Level Four of the Leazes Wing in the Maternity Unit. 

To find us:

  • Come through the Leazes Wing Main Entrance and walk past the reception desk to your left.
  • Take the stairs or lift up to the Maternity Unit on Level Four and report at the maternity reception desk.
  • Security is very important in the maternity unit - you will be directed to the Maternity Assessment Unit through the security door.

How to get to the hospital

Staff you are likely to meet

The Maternity Assessment Unit is staffed by midwives with the support of medical staff (doctors) if required.

Things you need to know


  • Your birth partner is very welcome to come along with you to the Maternity Assessment Unit.
  • Women attend Maternity Assessment Unit for a number of reasons. This can result in delays or other people being given priority if their need to be assessed is more urgent at that time.
  • There is a WRVS kiosk available in the Antenatal clinic which sells a range of hot and cold drinks and snacks.
  • There are also vending machines outside of Maternity Assessment Unit for drinks and snacks.
  • There are toilets and baby changing facilities available.
  • We have no facilities for children on the Maternity Assessment Unit and there is no visiting allowed.

More information

For any problems, emergencies or more information about the Maternity Assessment Unit, please contact:

  • tel: 0191 282 5748
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