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Gait analysis

Gait analysis is the measurement of walking patterns to establish the causes of walking problems.

We use modern equipment to carry out a range of tests to provide information for doctors to help diagnose and treat their patient’s condition.

The Gait Analysis Unit is a very specialist service, and patients are generally referred to us by orthopaedic consultants within Newcastle Hospitals and beyond. We also work closely with specialist children’s orthopaedic services in Newcastle.

What we do in Gait Analysis

Patients come to us with walking problems which may include symptoms of joint pain, back pain and problems with posture.

We use a range of the most modern equipment to measure walking patterns and recommend treatments for patients. The tests we carry out include:

  • Video walking
  • Measuring muscle movement, strength and control
  • Markers over the legs to record how the legs move
  • Recording muscle activity while walking

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