Regional Medical Physics

Microvascular measurement

Microvascular measurement involves special tests that provide information about a patient’s small blood vessels and blood flow.

Patients are referred to us by consultants who use the results of the tests to diagnose a wide range of conditions.

What we do in microvascular measurement

Our imaging centre is one of the most comprehensive clinical microvascular measurement facilities in the UK.

We carry out a range of tests to assess the condition of blood vessels, and how well the blood is flowing through those vessels. Most of our work involves using light and making images of the skin to assess the patient’s microcirculation.

After your assessment a report will be sent to your hospital consultant. You will usually be given the results at your next outpatient appointment.

The tests are crucial to help consultants properly diagnose a range of conditions including Raynaud’s phenomenon and rheumatic conditions. We also study patients who have medical problems associated with their immune system, skin, nerves, muscles, endocrine glands and diabetes.

Tests we carry out

Many patients come to us for tests which include:

  • Non-contact ‘capillaroscopy’ studies, using special cameras to take images of the small blood vessels.
  • Thermography studies, which produce thermal images of parts of the body
  • Oxygen-based assessments to test the viability (condition) of tissue
  • Laser Doppler assessments to measure the rate of blood flow.

Thermal image of hands

Thermal image of a patient's hands

More information

Contact us

To get more details about Microvascular measurement and our services, please contact:

  • Dr John Allen, Lead Clinical Scientist, Microvascular
  • Tel: 0191 213 8199
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