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osteo-chondral defect (OCD)

Damage to the smooth cartilage covering the joint surface of the ankle bone (talus).

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Musculoskeletal Services

Foot and Ankle Clinical Nurse Specialist Service

Contact: (0191) 21 39417 - Sue Bates, Clinical Nurse Specialist (Foot and Ankle Service)

Sue Bates is a Clinical Nurse Specialist who works at the Freeman Hospital, providing a service for patients presenting with injury or chronic disorders of the foot and ankle. 

Multi-disciplinary team working ensuring continuity of care

Sue is a point of contact for you and your family should you require advice regarding any aspect of your condition or care thus facilitating continuity of care, including technical aspects of the surgery carried out, as she assists the surgeons in theatre as one of the dimensions of her role.  Following surgery Sue will work alongside the ward staff to co-ordinate care and a safe discharge.

Committed to ensuring all care is patient-centred

She is also able to provide a range of clinics including a new patient clinic where patients can be referred directly by their GP. In the clinic following specific investigations a range of treatment options will be discussed and a treatment plan formulated.
Sue participates fully in audit and research to ensure that clinical care given is patient-centred and evidence based.

Contact us

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about this service please contact:


Sue Bates
Clinical Nurse Specialist

Telephone:  (0191) 233 6161 (Switchboard) and ask for Sue Bates

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