Your Feedback

Your experience

At the Regional Neurosciences Centre, we constantly strive to deliver excellent care to all our patients, and are always interested in hearing your views of our service, staff, and the treatment you received.

However, although our staff do all they can to make sure you are treated promptly and effectively, we do acknowledge than in a busy regional centre like ours, things can unfortunately occasionally go wrong. To solve any problems quickly and to learn from such episodes, we know we need to understand how our patients think we can improve our service.

Our staff are here to help

In order for us to address any issues immediately, in the first instance we would ask you to raise any queries you have straight away with the member of staff in charge. If you would prefer to do so after you have left the centre, we would suggest that you get in touch with the relevant staff member via telephone, who will attempt to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

Ward 15

Sister Sharon Gibson

(0191) 282 6015

Ward 16

Sister Lesley Crozier

(0191) 282 6016

Ward 17

Sister Sandra Sowiak

(0191) 282 6017

Neurosciences Short Stay Unit  Sister Sandra Sowiak  (0191) 282 6017 

Ward 43

Sister Eve Garside

(0191) 282 6043


Mrs Gail Charlton   

(0191) 282 1714


Mrs Lisa Flett

(0191) 282 1716


For further support and information

If you feel you would prefer to raise queries at a more senior level, you can get in touch with either the Directorate Manager or the Matron who will be able to discuss your concerns and take the appropriate steps to address any issues with the relevant staff or service.


Misss Paula Coulson

(0191) 282 5718

Directorate Manager

Ms Hannah Powell

(0191) 282 5718

By this point, we would hope that all your concerns would have been clearly resolved to give you peace of mind. However, if you feel that we have unfortunately been unable to provide you with a satisfactory response, you can find out more information on raising the issue with PALS (Patient Advice & Liaison Service) by clicking here. 


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