This page gives information about the Newcastle Hospitals' Neurosciences Services for Health Care Professionals (HCPs).

New Headache Management Guidelines

Most patients with headaches can be managed in primary care. 

New Headache Management Guidelines have been developed regionally and adapted for use at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI).

The Guidelines include an aid to GPs diagnosing headaches, basic management as well as when and how to refer in.

We hope they are a useful aid to enable more headaches to be managed in primary care.

Advice and Guidance from Neurologists is also available via the NHS e:Referral System if you need further help - see below.

Neurology Advice and Guidance

Do you have patients who may not need a formal neurology referral but for whom you would like specialist advice?

If the answer is yes, Advice & Guidance on the eReferral system may be for you.

Newcastle’s Neurologists at the RVI offer ‘Advice & Guidance’, and guarantee a response from a Consultant Neurologist within seven working days.

Benefits of this service include:

  • rapid opinion and management advice
  • improved access to hospital appointments for those who need it,
  • reduced inconvenience for poor mobility patients, and
  • improved use of health service resource.

Patients who may be suitable for 'Advice & Guidance' include:

Any patients expected to have a normal examination and therefore diagnosis is based on the history – for example:

  • Headaches - advice on diagnosis and management
  • Odd sensory symptoms
  • Relevance of unusual neurological symptoms
  • Elderly/disabled patients who find it difficult to travel
  • Patients with known diagnosis (not already under care of a Consultant Neurologist) and who need
    management advice

'Advice & Guidance' should not be used for:

  • Undiagnosed movement disorders
  • Neuromuscular weakness
  • Patients known to a particular Consultant Neurologist – please write directly to that Consultant 
  • Gait abnormalities
  • Urgent opinions

The service has so far been very well received and feedback extremely positive with 100% of GPs finding it useful and over 90% stating that they would have referred the patient had this service not been available.

So far appropriately 75% of requests have not required an appointment, with GPs receiving expert advice within days. This has allowed patients to be managed in primary care, avoiding unnecessary hospital appointments.

When asked how likely they were to use the service again in future if it was available from 0 – not at all, to 10 – very likely the response was 9.6/10.

GP Comments:

“Often as a GP we need quick advice more than referral but find it difficult to track down someone to speak to on the
telephone or don't like to bother someone on call when it's not an emergency.”

“Please keep this service! It will improve patient care and reduce referrals”

“An extremely useful resource with prompt responses. Please maintain the high standards already exhibited.”

To find out more or if you have any queries please contact:

Dr Naomi Warren: Consultant Neurologist on either Tel  0191 282 3176 or email

Lawrence White: e-Referral Service Manager on either Tel  0191 244 8632 or email

Epilepsy First Seizure Clinic

This clinic is for adult patients who have had a suspected first seizure and is run by Consultant Neurologists and Nurse Specialists at the RVI.

Patients who should be referred:

  • Patients aged between 16-65 years of age
  • Single seizure (or several seizures but no diagnosis of Epilepsy)

Patients not suitable for referral:

  • Symptomatic seizures (hypoglycaemia, acute trauma, eclampsia, other)
  • Non-epileptic attacks
  • Isolated loss of consciousness without seizure, syncope

How to access

• Download the First Seizure Clinic Referral Form

• Email First Seizure Clinic to:

To find out more or if you have any queries please contact:

Penny Burt, Epilepsy Nurse Specialist on Tel (0191) 282 3995 or email:

Dee Frost, Epilepsy Nurse Specialist on  Tel (0191) 282 3995 or email

Epilepsy Admin Team on Tel (0191) 282 3995 or email

Parkinson’s Disease Clinic

The Newcastle Hospitals Parkinson’s Disease Clinic is  run by Neurologists, Geriatricians and specialist nurses with expertise and experience in managing the condition.

The clinic provides  rapid access to all new patients who are thought to have Parkinson’s disease and we aim to see these patients within six weeks. The clinic will see new patients referred with an existing diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease - these patients will be given an appointment based on clinical priority.

To refer a patient The Newcastle Hospitals Parkinson’s Disease Clinic, please complete a PD referral form below, and fax to: 0191 273 9753.

You can also find more information about the Parkinson's Disease Clinic.pdf

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