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"I am writing to thank Mr P J Crawford and all of the staff for their care and help over the last ten years.  I could not have asked for better treatment to help me to overcome the many problems I had before the surgery to remove the tumour."  Mrs JH

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A condition when a person has difficulty with coordination, balanace, planning and carrying out sensory tasks. Find out more about this condition at the Dyspraxia Foundation.

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Our Services

Our Regional Neurosciences Centre is made up of four departments: Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuroradiology and Neurophysiology.To find out more about the specialist services we provide within these areas, click on the links below.

Neurology Service

Our Neurology Service has an international reputation in many fields of neurological disability and chronic disease management .

Neuroradiology Service

The Neuroradiology Department is run by a highly specialist and experienced multi-disciplinary team of radiologists, radiographers and nurses.

Neurosurgery Service

We provide a comprehensive range of neurosurgical care and treatment for both adults and children.


Our Neurophysiology team is a highly specialist regional service providing electrical studies of the central nervous system and peripheral nerves and muscles.

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