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"We would like to register our appreciation for the care and attention afforded to our daughter.  The care and attention shown by everyone involved in her stay was remarkable.  Everyone showed care, gentleness, professionalism and humour".  Mr & Mrs MC

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Jargon buster

EEG (electroencephalogram)

A special test that shows brain activity as cells send messages (electrical signals) to each other. The EEG test involves the attachment of electrodes (flat metal discs) to either side of the scalp which record brain waves sending them to the EEG machine where can be shown on a monitor. Find out more about this test at the Brain and Spine Foundation.

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What do we do?

Our Neurology Service provides care and treatment for an extensive range of conditions affecting the nervous system.   We have a national and international reputation in many fields of neurological disability and chronic disease management and are the North East’s regional centre for Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy and Motor Neurone, Mitochondrial and Parkinson’s diseases.

Our service is run by a highly qualified and experienced multidisciplinary team of clinicians, supported by specialist nurses who ensure continuity of care and support for our most vulnerable patients. Through working closely with our patients' families or carers and with rehabilitation services in the local community, we aim to support our patients in staying at home wherever possible.

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