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What do we do?

The Neuroradiology Department at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle upon Tyne offers one of the most comprehensive Neuroradiology services in the UK.

The department is located within the New Victoria Wing of the RVI. Neuroradiology is run and staffed by a highly specialist and experienced multi-disciplinary team of neuroradiographers, neuroradiologists and neuroradiology nurses. The excellent medical facilities available to us ensure that patients recieve high quality care at all times.

The department is equipped with two MRI scanners 3T & 1.5T, which enables our highly skilled staff to see more patients and undertake highly complex procedures.  We have a Toshiba multi slice CT scanner and two angiographic and interventional suites, providing neurovascular and spinal interventional services.

The Trust is involved in many international research studies and is at the forefront of pioneering new techniques. There are longstanding strong collaborations between neuroradiology within the Trust and Newcastle University enabling research in a variety of areas. The strong research base in Newcastle means that patients attending the Neuroradiology department often undergo “state of the art” imaging and receive “state of the art” interventional procedures.

Available from 1st September 2016

NUTH Neuroradiology Second Opinion Service

An important facet of our Neuroradiology service is the formalisation of our expert Neuroradiological Second Opinion reporting service, available to radiologists and clinicians in the NHS.  With ever-increasing sub-specialisation, no individual radiologist can master all fields of diagnostic radiology and this service gives access to subspecialty radiologists. 

 In order to access this service please complete the referral form below and email the request to  A cost of £100 will be charged for each report

The request must detail all relevant clinical details/history and the initial/primary reportIf insufficient information is provided then a report cannot be produced. 

Our specialist services

Within the Neuroradiology Department, we also provide specialist support in the following areas:

You can get more information on any of our other services within the Neurosciences Centre.

Meet the Neuroradiology Team

During your visit, our specialist team will be on hand to talk you through your care and to answer any questions you may have.

To find out more about who you may meet, and the other specialists who work in the Regional Neurosciences Centre, please click here.

Our wards and clinics

During your treatment with Neuroradiology, you may need to spend some time on Ward 17 at the RVI. Click on the link below to find out more.

More information

For more information on our Neuroradiology Service, please contact:

  • Mrs Lisa Flett, Department Manager
  • tel: 0191 2821716
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