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"I am quite sure that you are already convinced of the brilliance of your neurosurgery team, but I felt that I should write to you to confirm that you're right!  It would be invidious to go for individual name checks, simply because everyone, from PAAC to post-operative care, was outstanding".  Ms FK

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Also known as "water on the brain" hydrocephalus occurs when excess fluid builds up in the brain and can cause brain damage. Find out more about this condition at the Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus or NHS Choices.

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What do we do?

The neurosurgical service provides a comprehensive range of surgical care and treatment for both adults and children with brain and spinal disorders, including tumours and accidental injury (trauma). Our highly skilled staff provides a 24 hour service for both routine and emergency neurosurgical procedures, supported by a high dependency unit (the first ever established in the UK) and two inpatient neurosurgical wards, with round-the-clock access to specialised neuroradiological and anaesthetic support.

We aim to ensure that people in need of emergency neurosurgical treatment are assessed rapidly and treated by an experienced multi-disciplinary team of specialists, with access to the most effective treatments. Our neurosurgeons have access to advanced aids for surgery to improve both patient safety and recovery.We also have a neurosurgical assessment unit managed by specialist nursing staff who provide a professional and efficient pre-admission assessment to ensure patients are in the best possible condition before they are admitted for their surgery.

Our specialist services

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Meet the Neurosurgery Team

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Our wards and clinics

During your time in Neurosurgery, you may stay on any of the following wards:

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We are now using an online referral system ensuring speed of access and accurate information transfer and recording of all specialist referrals. This new referral system can be found at:

Several training documents have been created to support account registration, referral creation and tracking of progress.

Please note that if there is an imminent threat to life or an urgent clinical concern that cannot wait, referrals will still be accepted via the traditional telephone route.

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