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Ward 17 RVI

Contact: (0191) 282 6017 - Sister Kerry Bell

Ward 17 at the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) is a pre-admission assessment ward seeing patients scheduled to come in for planned surgery. These assessments are carried out by specialist nurses to make sure that you are fit and well enough for your surgery.

Ward 17 is also known as a Day of Surgery Arrival ward which means that you will arrive here on the morning of your planned surgery where all admission checks will be carried out. You will be transferred to either Ward 15 or Ward 16 after your operation.

How to find us

Directions to Ward 17 Neuro from Main Entrance of New Victoria WingShow [+] Hide [-]

Ward 17 is located in New Victoria Wing at the RVI. To find us:

  • Come through the Main Entrance of the New Victoria Wing and take the stairs or lift up to Level 5.
  • Exit the stairs or lft and follow the corridor over the atrium turning left.
  • Follow the corridor turning left at the bottom and then take the next left arriving at  Ward 17, Neuro Day Unit.



How to get to the hospital

Directions to Ward 17 Neuro from Multi Storey Car ParkShow [+] Hide [-]

Ward 17 Neuro Day Unit is located in New Victoria Wing at the RVI. To find us:

  • Exit the multi storey car park on Level 2. Turn left and follow the corridor taking your first right.
  • Follow the corridor until arriving at stairs and lift and make your way up to Level 5.
  • Upon exiting the stairs or left, turn to your left then take an immediate right and follow the corridor turning left at the bottom.
  • Turn left again and you will arrive at Ward 17 Neuro Day Unit.

How to get to the hospital

Staff you are likely to meet

  • Ward 17 is led by Sister Kerry Bell and the clinical team is made up of consultant neurosurgeons, specialist nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other support staff.

Things you need to know

  • Patients admitted for elective surgery may have attended a pre-admission clinic and will have been advised of the likely length of hospital stay they can expect.
  • Patients who require a longer period of rehabilitation or treatment and are from outside Newcastle will be referred back to their local hospital. We do understand this may be upsetting for some patients and their carers but it is vital we adhere to this policy to ensure we can continue to admit all emergency cases as quickly as possible.
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