Northern Genetics Service

Common Genetic Conditions

Genetics is becoming increasingly pertinent to the common diseases encountered on a daily basis in General Practice. A least one in ten patients seen in Primary Care has a disorder with a genetic component. Within the general population there is an a growing awareness of advances in the field of genetics and patients expect their GPs to be aware of these.

In the western world the main adult diseases in our ageing population are the multifactorial diseases such as cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular and lung disease. We are becoming increasingly aware of the important influence of our genes on the presentation of these common conditions. Although currently we cannot alter our genes, this understanding can help us to identify individuals who are at increased risk of premature ill health. 

This knowledge enables us to offer these patients effective advice and intervention within Primary Care in order to delay the development of these chronic ailments.  The involvement of Primary Care is essential since it is unlikely that Secondary and Tertiary Care will be able to cope with this increased demand for their services.

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