Northern Genetics Service


Contact: (0191) 241 8700 - Dr Nick Bown, Head of Laboratory, Cytogenetics

The Cytogenetics laboratory is a component of the Northern Genetics Service and is part of the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The laboratory operates within the professional guidelines of the Association for Clinical Genetic Science and participates fully in relevant external quality assurance schemes (performance data available on request).

The laboratory undertakes analysis to identify constitutional karyotype abnormalities and to detect cancer-related chromosome aberrations in haematological malignancies and in solid tumours, using appropriate molecular and cytogenetic techniques.

Contact details

Northern Genetics Service
Institute of Genetic Medicine
Central Parkway
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3BZ

Tel: 0191 241 8700

Fax: 0191 241 8713

The laboratory operates Monday to Friday between the hours of 08.30 and 17.00. For the receipt and analysis of very urgent samples outside these hours, please make special arrangements with the laboratory.


Head of Laboratory

Dr Nick Bown

email: or telephone: 0191 241 8706


Deputy Head of Laboratory

Mr Gavin Cuthbert

email: or telephone 0191 241 8703

Sample Acceptance
Accurate identification details on laboratory samples are vital for patient safety. If essential information is not provided, the processing of the sample may be delayed or the sample may be rejected. Please see our Sample Acceptance and Rejection Policy for further details (a quick reference guide is also available).

Out of hours samples
The Institute of Genetic Medicine which houses the Cytogenetics Unit has no reception cover after 5pm or at weekends. Samples taken late in the day can be stored at originating centres overnight before despatch to us the following morning. Samples arriving after 5pm can be left overnight in a secure post box at the Institute.

Telephone enquiries
Cytogenetic results and procedures are discussed only with appropriate clinical staff – we are unable to accept telephone calls from patients.

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