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Enteral Nutrition Service

The Enteral Nutrition Service works with patients to make sure they can receive the nutrition they need, even if they can’t eat and drink enough.

We work closely with healthcare staff throughout our hospitals to provide the most appropriate feeding treatment for patients.

Conditions we treat

The main conditions we treat include:

  • inflammatory bowel disease, for example Crohns disease and ulcerative colitis
  • failure to fully absorb nutrients (malabsorption)
  • food intolerances
  • malnutrition related to diseases.

Our services

Specialist dietitians work closely with gastroenterologists to provide personalised nutrition support advice to a range of patients. We make sure that we clearly discuss plans for treatment with the patients, family and carers.

Nutrition Services nursesWe use specially-designed food and drink supplements to help patients take in the right level of nutrition they need. We also use other ways to feed patients with specially-designed food:

  • nasogastric tubes (nose to stomach tubes)
  • nasojejunal tubes (nose to bowel tubes)
  • PEG tubes (tubes inserted directly into the stomach)

We teach medical and dietetic students in our service, so our staff may be accompanied by students when they treat our patients.

Accessing our service

Patients can be referred to our service by any of the gastroenterologists across Newcastle Hospitals.

Award-winning service

Dr Chris Mountford and Mrs Barbara Davidson have received achievement awards at the BAPEN conference for their work in nutrition support and education. You can find out more about the other awards for our staff. [LINK TO WHAT THEY SAY PAGE]

We are members of the national nutritional organisation called BAPEN, and we work closely with other networks and healthcare professionals in our area.

We are often involved in audits and research programmes, and if patients want to get involved in research projects, please speak to the doctors involved in your treatment.

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