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Parenteral Nutrition Service

The Parenteral Nutrition Service works with patients in Newcastle Hospitals who need to be fed directly into their bloodstream because they can’t use or absorb adequate nutrients through their gut.

Parenteral Nutrition (PN) is used to bypass the usual processes of eating and digestion. Patients may need PN on a temporary basis, including before or after surgery.

Our services

Parenteral Nutrition is carried out by placing a thin tube (catheter) into the body, and feeding the patient with a liquid that contains all the nutrients they need. We use two main types of PN:

  • Peripheral PN where the liquid nutrition is fed to the patient through a vein in a limb
  • Central PN where the liquid nutrition is fed to the patient through a major vein in the chest.

Our service aims to establish patients safely on PN. We also provide training, advice and support to Trusts around the region.

Who you might meet

The Parenteral Nutrition Service is run by a team of nutrition professionals who work at the Freeman Hospital and the Royal Victoria Infirmary.

The team has a wide range of skills and includes:

  • surgeons
  • gastroenterologists
  • nutrition nurse specialists
  • dietitians
  • pharmacists
  • clinical biochemistry staff.

The team meets weekly to discuss complex patients, and to review and monitor patients already established on PN.

You can recognise our staff by their uniforms.

Accessing our service

Healthcare professionals in Newcastle Hospitals can refer patients who need PN to the relevant nutrition team.

Patients can also be sent to us from other hospitals.

More information

Useful weblinks

  • PINNT – a support group for people receiving artificial nutrition
  • BAPEN – a charitable association that raises awareness of malnutrition and works to advance the nutritional care of patients and those at risk from malnutrition in the wider community.

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