Nutrition Services for adults

Tube feeding with a PEG or RIG

Our service helps patients to be fed with specially-formulated liquid food through a tube going directly into the stomach.

The patients we treat have difficulty eating and drinking normally, so we use tubes called PEG or RIG to pass liquid feed through the skin and directly into their stomach.

Our services

As part of our service, we assess whether patients are suitable for tube feeding. We provide safe, comfortable feeding for liquid nutrition, water and medication, and our services also include:

  • assessing patients’ nutritional needs
  • providing liquid feed for patients
  • training patients and carers to use the tubes and feeds
  • follow-up support for stoma care, nutritional assessment, and  tube maintenance and renewal
  • follow-up care and training in locations closer to patients’ homes
  • involvement in care for children who transfer to adult services.

Our service includes a clinic led by nurses to co-ordinate all aspects of care for patients.

We also provide a helpline number and care for patients in an emergency.


The main conditions where patients might need a PEG or RIG tube for feeding include:

  • stroke
  • head and neck cancers
  • cerebral palsy
  • head injury
  • Motor Neurone Disease.


We use two types of feed tube for patients. The type of tube we use depends on the individual patients’ needs, and includes:

  • PEG tubes (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy): a feeding tube inserted into the stomach by using an endoscope (camera) to identify the position, and to secure the tube in place.
  • RIG tubes (Radiologically Inserted Gastrostomy): a feeding tube inserted using x-rays to identify the position of the stomach, and insert a tube through the stomach wall.

How to access our service

Most patients are referred to us by consultant doctors from other departments in Newcastle Hospitals, for example Stroke Services.

Patients can also be referred to us by their GP, speech and language therapist or dietitian.

Research and audit

We are involved in a range of research projects around tube feeding. This has included:  

  • research into the benefits of new types of feeding tubes
  • studies to evaluate tubes for certain types of conditions.

Our service is audited for success and survival rates of procedures twice a year.

More information


Contact us

If patients, their family or carers have any problems or concerns with PEG or RIG tubes, please contact the PEG nurse:

  • Carol Rickeard, Nurse Specialist, PEG/Adult
  • email:
  • tel: 0191 282 9637 or 0191 282 0134 (answering machine)
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