Newcastle Eye Centre

Children's Eye Outpatient Department

The Children’s Eye Outpatient Department is a diagnostic and treatment department caring for children from birth to 18 years old.

The centre deals with most paediatric ophthalmic (eye) problems, and we provide clinics offering specialised services such as pre-assessment, play therapy and ‘diversional’ therapies.

How to find us

We are based within the Newcastle Eye Centre in the Claremont Wing of Newcastle’s RVI.


To check in for your appointment you should come straight to the departmental reception desk, and not the main reception at the front of the department. When you enter the main department keep to the right and go past the main front desk following the signs for Children's Eye Outpatient Department. You should proceed forward and keep left in the main clinic area - we are situated in the rear left part of the department and are signposted overhead.

Staff you may meet

The clinic is bright and cheerful and staffed by an expert paediatric team. We have dedicated paediatric nurses and a nursery nurse, and there are numerous professionals working within the paediatric clinics, including Opticians and Orthoptists.

We also work closely with the paediatric wards in the hospital to ensure all-round care of children undergoing ophthalmic surgery and procedures.

Things you need to know

  • Your child may require dilating drops to be put into their eyes as part of the diagnostic procedure.
  • There is a large playroom with a television plus many interesting toys for children to play with while they wait.
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