Newcastle Eye Centre

Eye Operating Department (Theatres)

Sister Debbie Frankland

Experienced and skilled team

Our theatre suite is situated within Claremont Wing and Newcastle Eye Centre on the top floor where we have 4 fuly equipped specialist theatres in addition to a minor operations theatre. Over 10000 patients each year come through the doors of the department the majority of which undergo cataract surgery however we undertake and cater for many different types of eye surgery.

We have a dedicated team of staff covering all aspects of your time in the department from enabling the theatre to run smoothly, to providing support and comfort to you during your operation, to ensuring that you recover and are safe and well after the procedure.


Staff that work in the department

Within the theatre environment staff will be wearing "scrubs" - these are ordinarily v-necked short sleeved shirts, and loose fitting trousers which are either green or light blue. Darker blue scrubs indicate sernior nurses or the Sister of the department.

There may be many people within the theatre when your operation takes place - please don't be alarmed at this because (unless somebody asks you or advises you otherwise) each of these will be present to help ensure your surgery runs smoothly. There may occasionally be medical or nursing trainees or students present to observe as part of their training. If you are under local anaesthetic and are unsure about who is doing what and why they are there, please feel free to ask.


On the day of surgery

There are no directions that you need to get to the department so please don't worry about trying to find us. On the day of your surgery you will be taken care of on a ward beforehand and then will be brought up to the theatre department accompanied by a member of the Newcastle Eye Centre team.


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