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The staff that work in Ophthalmology



You will recognise the Sister of the area from the dark blue tunic as in the picture. They are the manager of the area and are responsible for the care of the patients within that area. If you have any problems or queries during your time with us, they will be happy to help you.


Ophthalmic Photographers

Many of our services require photography to be done on the eye - this might not be photography as you previously knew it though! We have many pieces of kit that allow us to take different images of different parts of the eye that our clinical staff then use to help diagnose our patients. We have a team of skilled and qualified photographers who will help our patients through the process of having imaging done in our dedicated area.


Healthcare Assistants (HCAs)

Our Healthcare Assistants wear beige tunics and are responsible for providing support to our clinical and nursing staff to ensure that your time with us is as smooth and stress-free as possible. They are a key part of our team.

Ward 21 Nurses

Qualified Nurses

You will recognise our female qualified nurses from their light blue tunics, and our male ones from a white tunic with light blue epaulettes. Our nurses are trained in ophthalmic nursing and are responsible for ensuring that you receive safe, smooth and compassionate care with us in the department. If you have queries about your time with us they will be happy to assist you.



We have a large pool of medical staff of varying seniority ranging from experienced consultants, to junior doctors in training. Our consultants are responsible for ensuring that our patients receive the best possible and most appropriate treatment.


Clerical staff

It is highly likely, particularly if you are attending an outpatient appointment, that the first and last person that you come into contact with in the department will be a member of our clerical staff. They will ensure that you get your appointments, and that you check in and out of the clinics. You will recognise the female clerical staff from the dark blue blouse as in the picture, or our male clerical staff with shirt and trousers. We also have teams of behind-the-scenes clerical and administrative staff such as secretaries and waiting list officers all of who are very important to the running of the department in ensuring that you get care and information at the right times.

Specialist Nurses

We have several of these types of nurses and as the name implies, they take on specialist roles focusing on particular areas of Ophthalmic care. For instance we have Specialist Nurses in Corneal Donation and Glaucoma. Sometimes your treatment (such as removal of a cyst) will be undertaken by a Specialist Nurse.


Many people are unaware of what an orthoptist does. Orthoptics basically means dealing with problems with eyes that are not straight. They assess, diagnose and manage problems associated with conditions like this such as squints. They work alongside consultants but undertake clinics in their own right. Some of our orthoptists also work in schools throughout the region to screen for undetected sight problems.

Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLO)

Our ECLO staff provide practical and emotional support for patients to deal with sight loss, understand their condition and maintain independence. The ECLO team has an office opposite the main reception in Newcastle Eye Centre.

Opticians (also referred to as Optometrists)

Our Opticians (Optometrists) undertake a wide range of clinics and duties to support our medical teams to provide care for our patients. These range from testing vision to assessing patients after their eye operations. They don't wear a uniform, but are based within their own dedicated area in Newcastle Eye Centre.

Visual Fields Technicians

Our technicians carry out Visual Fields tests on patients which are a key diagnostic test as part of many appointments within the department. The staff do not wear uniforms but will introduce themselves and explain how the test works.

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