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Oculoplastics Service

Specialist service

Oculoplastics is the branch of ophthalmology concerned with disorders of the eyelids, the tears, or the tissues around and behind the eyes. The Oculoplastics Treatment Service at the RVI was one of the first Oculoplastics services established in North East England. It is highly specialised and offers a full range of treatments, usually under the sole care of one of our eye consultants, but sometimes in conjunction with specialists from other departments in the hospital.

We have 4 Consultant Ophthalmologists with a special interest in Oculoplastics Surgery. Specialist clinics are held at the RVI, Battle Hill, and The RVI @ Cramlington, Manor Walks Centre. 

Wide range of conditions treated

If you have any of the following conditions or symptoms, you can be referred to our Oculoplastics service by your own GP or by a doctor at another hospital which may not have the necessary expertise.


  • Malposition of an eyelid such as drooping upper eyelid (ptosis), in-turning eyelid (entropion), out-turning lower eyelid (ectropion)
  • Watering eyes
  • Protrusion of the eyeball
  • Lump (or lesion) in the skin close to the eye
  • Thyroid eye disease
  • Problems with an artificial eye, or needing an artificial eye

Close working with specialist colleagues

Our consultants frequently work with consultants from other areas of the hospital to offer optimal all round care for a number of specific conditions. These include:


Miss Clarke leads the regional Orbital service. She and Mr Lau deal with patients with orbital pathology and patients with a protruding eye including thyroid eye disease. Miss Clarke and Mr Lau work with endocrine specialists Prof Pearce and Dr Perros and Endocrine Nurse Specialist Sister Morris. Miss Clarke is also part of the craniofacial team working closely with neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons for complex facial reconstructions.

Tumours of the skin close to the eye: Mr Barnes, Miss Clarke, Mr Lau and Mr Narayanan work with skin specialists Dr Brass, Dr Langtry and Dr Oliphant. The skin specialists remove the tumours by a specialised technique called Mohs micrographic surgery and the Oculoplastics team repair the resultant defect.

Socket problems (for people who have lost an eye): Miss Clarke and Mr Lau see adult and children with our ocularist Ms Duffy. This allows many minor prosthetic adjustments to be made without the need for a further appointment.

Watering eyes: Mr Barnes and Mr Narayanan both run watery eye clinics. They operate with colleagues in the ENT department to offer internal operations (endoscopic) to relieve blocked tear ducts if required. 

For those requiring surgery

Most eyelid surgery is very suitable and comfortable when done under local anaesthesia, so most people are able to be treated on the Day Case Unit either at RVI or in Berwick Infirmary.  Surgery requiring general anaesthesia may also be suitable as a day case although an overnight stay at the RVI is often required.

More information

For further information on our Oculoplastic Service please contact:

  • Mr. E Barnes, Consultant Ophthalmologist, 0191 282 5404 
  • Miss L Clarke, Consultant Ophthalmologist, 0191 282 5315 
  • Mr G Lau, Consultant Ophthalmologist, 0191 282 5404 
  • Mr K Narayanan, Consultant Ophthalmologist, 0191 2825404                               
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