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Paediatric Ophthalmology

Paediatric Ophthalmology is the care of children with eye and visual problems.

These problems range from milder, common disorders such as squint (when one eye is not aligned with the other) and lazy eye (when the vision in one eye is reduced because the eye has had a blurred image during childhood and the normal connections have not been made between eye and brain), to more severe conditions which can lead to lifelong poor vision, such as cataract, glaucoma, retinal detachment (particularly as a result of premature birth), and eye tumours.

What services do we offer?

    • Community screening of 4 year old children and community clinics for initial assessment of children with suspected squint and poor vision
    • Screening of premature babies for retinopathy
    • General hospital clinics for assessment and treatment of children with eye and vision problems
    • Specialised clinics for assessment and treatment of children with eye inflammation (uveitis) and glaucoma
    • Vision clinic in the Child Development Centre to assess children with vision problems associated with general developmental disorders such as cerebral palsy and brain tumours
    • Transition clinics for older children and young people
    • Day case and inpatient beds in the Great North Children’s Hospital
    • Facilities for children’s eye surgery in the Great North Children’s Hospital

Latest news

We are using an innovative child-friendly method of testing visual fields to help improve the care of children with diseases such as glaucoma and brain tumours.

A new machine - called saccadic vector optokinetic perimetry (SVOP) -  detects damage to the peripheral vision of children, which can be an early sign of a range of eye and brain diseases.

The SVOP machine is the second to be installed in the UK, and the first outside London.

Who provides the service?

The service is led by consultants but is delivered by a range of staff including Orthoptists and dedicated Paediatric Nurses.

You can find out more about our staff.

Leading edge research

  • We are currently researching whether it is better to perform eye muscle surgery on younger children with squint, rather than waiting until they are older, which is more usual for some types of squint
  • We are investigating the use of new treatments for retinal disease affecting premature babies
  • We are trialling the use of shared decision making in children with squint

Helping those less fortunate

The department has previously been involved in work to provide Ophthalmic care to children from other parts of the world who not have access to services that we do in the UK. The photograph below was taken in India.

For more information

Please contact:

  • Mr M P Clarke 
  • Tel: 0191 282 5448.
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