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Treating Uveitis

Uveitis refers to inflammation within the eye itself. There are many different types of this ranging from mild to severe. Some types cause pain and redness while others affect the vision. Here in Newcastle we provide a highly specialist Regional Uveitis service to assess and treat these uncommon conditions. It is based in Newcastle Eye Centre at the Royal Victoria Infirmary.  

Specialist evaluation

If you are referred to the uveitis service you may need further evaluations done, usually in the outpatient clinic although occasionally you might need assessment or treatment as an inpatient. The outpatient assessments often involve types of photography and blood tests.

If you have any of the following conditions or symptoms, you can be referred to our uveitis service by your own GP or by a doctor at another hospital which may not have the necessary expertise

  • Acute inflammation within the eye
  • Chronic Inflammation within the eye

Contact us

For any further information on our Uveitis Service, please contact:

  • Mr R Pandit, Consultant Ophthalmologist, tel: 0191 282 5451 
  • Mr W Innes, Consultant Ophthalmologist, tel: 0191 282 5451    
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