Pharmacy Services

Inpatient dispensaries

The inpatient dispensaries at the Freeman, RVI and NCCC are staffed and managed by Trust staff.  

Locations and opening hours - Freeman and RVI inpatient dispensaries

Freeman inpatient dispensary   Opening hours
To find us

Level 2

  • Come through Main Outpatient Department entrance
  • Walk through the main clinic area straight to the end of Clinic E until you reach main corridor
Monday to Friday  8:30am - 5pm
Saturday  9am - 12:30pm*
Sunday  CLOSED*
Bank holidays  9am - 12:45pm
 * Inpatient dispensing services provided from RVI inpatient dispensary outside Freeman opening hours


 RVI inpatient dispensary  Opening hours

To find us

New Victoria Wing

Level 1

  • Enter the hospital through the New Victoria Wing Entrance on level 1, or alternatively follow the Pharmacy signs from other hospital entrances.
  • The inpatient dispensary is located behind the Amigos shop, to the left of the Lloyds Pharmacy shop
Monday to Friday  8:30am - 6pm 
Saturday  9am - 4:30pm
Sunday   9am - 4:30pm
Bank holidays  9am - 12:45pm

Who can use our service?

Our inpatient dispensary services provide medicines to the Newcastle Hospitals' wards and clinics, and to some of our affiliated services. We supply medicines for individual patient treatment during their stay in hospital, and for discharge when patients are ready to go home. The dispensary at the NCCC deals with clinical trial prescriptions only; non-trial prescriptions for NCCC patients are dispensed at either the Freeman inpatient dispensary or the Freeman Lloyds outpatient pharmacy. 

We currently also provide an outpatient dispensing and repeat prescription service for a limited number of specialised medicines that cannot be supplied through by our Lloyds outpatient pharmacies or through community pharmacies. Your consultant or nurse specialist will have informed you if you need to use this service. You can contact the appropriate inpatient dispensary to request your medicines if we hold a repeat prescription for you, otherwise you should order your prescription via your nurse specialist or consultant's secretary.

Our main outpatient dispensing facilities for Newcastle Hospitals' outpatients are managed by Lloyds Pharmacy, and you can find details of these services at the Outpatient dispensaries page.

We are unable to dispense NHS prescriptions from your GP (FP10), NHS prescriptions from hospitals intended for dispensing at a retail pharmacy (FP10HP), or hospital prescriptions from other Trusts.

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