Pharmacy Services

Hospital Pharmacy Transformation Plan

Executive summary

The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Pharmacy Directorate began a process of strategic review in May 2015. At that time, prior to the publication of the Carter report, the priorities for the directorate were to improve the overall efficiency and quality of the medicine supply process and to review how the core clinical pharmacy service is delivered including the need to further extend the level of seven day services.

The publication of the Carter review and in particular the Hospital Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation element has reinforced the directorate’s plans, which are already underway. However the Carter review suggests transformation beyond this, in particular the need to include opportunities for increased collaboration with local Trusts to further improve productivity and efficiency. In the North East, there are already excellent examples of collaboration, including regional approaches to procurement, quality assurance, education and training and network chemotherapy prescribing systems. There are, however, additional opportunities that will be explored particularly with respect to NHS Manufacturing, stores and distribution and discharge prescription supply.

Two key elements however must be borne in mind. Firstly, the size of the services provide by the Trust Pharmacy Directorate in particular Newcastle Specials, mean that economies of scale already exist and rather than looking to outsource infrastructure services, local collaboration may result in service expansion. Secondly, the external market that could support off-site stores and distribution and prescription supply is immature and not currently ready to provide alternative models. These may be of greater interest in the long term.

Over the coming months work will continue on the Trusts Pharmacy Strategy Review and exploring additional collaborative opportunities with local providers within the local Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP) area. Both of these have informed the development of the Trust’s Hospital Pharmacy Transformation Plan. The Trust’s Director of Pharmacy will be a key contributor to the development of Pharmacy/Medicines work packages within the Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Sustainability and Transformation Plan (NTW STP).

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