Pharmacy Services

Outpatient pharmacy services

In partnership with Lloyds Pharmacy

Patients visiting our Freeman and Royal Victoria Infirmary hospital sites benefit from a convenient outpatient dispensing service in partnership between Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Lloyds Pharmacy.

In early 2014, Lloyds Pharmacy took over the outpatient dispensing services at both the Freeman and Royal Victoria Infirmary hospital sites. Lloyds Pharmacy also manage the Pharmacy shops on both sites.

Whilst the Trust retains overall responsibility for the quality and safety of our outpatient dispensing services, this partnership combines the strengths of our two different healthcare organisations; bringing together the operational effectiveness of Lloyds Pharmacy with Newcastle Hospitals’ own clinical excellence.

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How our Lloyds partnership benefits our patients

The Trust has entered into this partnership to ensure we are able to continue to improve the quality of Pharmacy services we provide, at a time when the demand on our service continues to increase. These are some of the benefits to our patients:

Reducing waiting times

We make every effort to reduce outpatient prescription waiting times, despite increasing patient numbers. However we need to allow sufficient time to prepare prescriptions safely, which sometimes results in our patients having to wait. The health and well-being of our patients will always remain our primary concern when dispensing medicines. Lloyds Pharmacy has extensive experience of working with a number of other NHS hospital trusts, where they have successfully reduced outpatient prescription waiting for patients. In many cases they have improved on the average wait time.

More pharmacy staff on the wards

Another significant benefit from this arrangement is that the Trust’s pharmacy staff are freed up from dispensing duties and therefore able to spend more time on wards and with patients discussing their medicines. More pharmacy staff on wards means we can provide inpatient discharge support seven days a week, and help patients to be discharged without delays.

Enhanced pharmacy services

The Trust is also the first to benefit from Lloyds' new approach to pharmacy where their teams are trained to provide enhanced services, such as skin health, as well as medicine management advice.

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