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We have Clinical Trials units within the main Pharmacy Departments at each of our three sites. With responsibility for coordinating the dispensing process for the numerous commercial and non-commercial clinical trials conducted throughout the Trust. Pharmacy staff work closely with trials investigators, commercial sponsors and other involved parties to set up the medicine supply procedure for individual clinical trials. The aim is to ensure that the highly complex procurement and dispensing of medicines for clinical trials, which is quite different from the non-trial setting, runs smoothly and that key accountability requirements are met.

Information for patients

If you are enrolled in a clinical trial, your research nurse will give you details of the dispensary where you should take your prescription.

Due to the complex dispensing, accountability and recording processes necessary in the supply of clinical trials medication, the dispensing of these items may take considerably longer than for normal prescriptions.

Patient enquiries regarding clinical trial medication should be directed to the research nurse whose contact details you will have been provided with when you enrolled in the trial.

Clinical trial medication

Clinical trial medication is generally dispensed by trained staff through the main dispensaries, with individual trial dispensing usually located at the most convenient for the trial investigation unit in question. Due to specific storage or preparation facilities requirements for the trial medication, this may not always be the nearest site. Clinical Trial prescriptions may only be dispensed at the site chosen for the individual trial. The Northern Centre for Cancer Care (NCCC) has its own dedicated Clinical Trials Dispensary within NCCC.

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