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Medicines Information

The Medicines Information service provides information and advice on all aspects of medicines use. Our aim is to support the safe, effective and efficient use of medicines within the Trust, providing evidence-based information and advice on the therapeutic use of medicines, as well as and support to enable Trust staff to access information resources available at ward level. We also provide a Medicines Information Patient Helpline for patients of the Newcastle Hospitals.

Currently staffed by two full-time Medicines Information pharmacists and one part-time rotational pharmacist, we answer  enquires on a variety of topics including dosing and administration, adverse effects, availability, use of medicines in pregnancy and breast-feeding, and many others. Together with a wide range of in-house specialist pharmaceutical information resources including reference texts, medical and pharmaceutical periodicals, in-house files and electronic databases, we also have access to additional specialised information services from outside the Trust.

Who can use our service?

The service is available to NUTH staff and patients who have queries relating to treatment received from our Trust. We also aim to provide help with enquiries from other healthcare professionals regarding Trust-related medicines issues.

If you are a patient of the Trust or a healthcare professional and have an enquiry regarding medication received from or recommended by the Trust, please contact us at the number provided below. Other members of the public should contact the 111 service .

Contact us


Medicines Information Helpline (for patients of the Trust): 0191 2823016
Monday to Friday          9:00am - 4:00pm

Healthcare Professionals:

Telephone enquiries: 0191 282 5398


Fax: (0191) 282 0397

Office hours:
Monday to Friday          8:30am - 5:00pm

For urgent enquires out of hours (NUTH staff only):

Contact the Emergency Duty Pharmacist via the Trust switchboard.

For postal enquiries, please write to:

Medicines Information, Pharmacy Department, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Queen Victoria Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4LP

Other contacts for members of the public


NHS 111  is a national resource for members of the public to access help and advice on health-related matters, and is not part of the NUTH Medicines Information Service.

For members of the public

Tel: 0845 4647 (24 hours)

Other contacts for healthcare professionals

Regional Medicines Information Service

The Regional Medicines Information Service  is provided regionally and is not part of the NUTH Medicines Information Service.

For NHS Health Professionals Only (Northern and Yorkshire Region)

Tel: 0191 282 4631 (office hours only)
Fax: 0191 261 8839 (office hours only)

Poisons Information Service

A national service, the Poisons Information Service  is not part of the NUTH Medicines Information Service.

For NHS Health Professionals only

Tel: 0344 892 0111 (24 hours)

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