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Medicines Management Unit

Contact: 0191 223 1386

The Medicines Management Unit (MMU), located in the Pharmacy Practice Centre of the Freeman Hospital, works closely with other sections of the pharmacy department to promote the appropriate and cost effective use of medicines, playing a significant role in influencing prescribing both within the trust and in other local healthcare organisations.

Areas of work include:

  • Managing the process of new drug introductions into the Trust
  • Taking a leading role in the development and maintenance of the North of Tyne Formulary, through the North of Tyne Area Prescribing Committee and its Formulary Subcommittee
  • Promoting the prudent use of antimicrobial medicines in the Trust

Working collaboratively

The Medicines Management Unit works in collaboration with others to: 

  • Facilitate the development of protocols and guidance for the use of medicines, especially through the Trust’s Drug and Therapeutics Panel 
  • Audit and provide information on the medicine usage and expenditure 
  • Develop and promote new services to improve patient care and the cost effective use of medicines
  • Provide advice and information on medicines management issues, particularly on:
    • New drug developments and approvals
    • Funding issues relating to high-cost medicines
    • The North of Tyne Formulary
    • Trust antimicrobial guidelines
    • Shared care guidelines and related issues

Useful links

Antimicrobial Guidelines:

North of Tyne Area Prescribing Committee

*Trust staff can also access these directly through links on the NUTH Intranet

Contact us

For more information about our Medicines Management Unit please contact us at:



Administrator/General Enquiries/Appointments
(0191) 223 1386 ext: 31386

Assistant Director, Pharmacy and Medicines Management, Ian Campbell
(0191) 223 1315 ext: 31315

Antimicrobial Pharmacist, Kathy Gillespie
(0191) 223 1147 ext: 31387

Formulary & Audit Pharmacist, Matthew Lowery
(0191) 223 1387  ext. 31387

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