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Here are some of the things our patients and carers often ask us about about their medicines - you might find the answer to your question. Click on the title or show [+] to see our answers.

If this doesn't completely answer your question, or you can't see your question here, you can contact the Pharmacy's Medicines Information Patient Helpline - click here for contact details and hours of service. 

I can't find any instructions on my medicine - how should I use it?Show [+]Hide [-]

Your medicine should always be supplied with instructions for use. Items such as eye drops, creams and ointments, or inhalers that come in an outer box, may be labelled on the immediate container (bottle, tube or inhaler device), or on the outer box. If you have checked all packaging and cannot find the instructions, contact the ward or pharmacy that supplied the medicine, or the Medicines Information Patient Helpline.

How do I get further supplies of my new medicine?Show [+]Hide [-]

If you have been prescribed a new medicine at the hospital that your doctor intends you to continue longterm, we will normally give you the first month's supply from outpatients, or two weeks' to a month's supply if you are discharged from hospital. After that, most medicines can be prescribed by your GP, and supplied through your local chemist.

We will give you a copy of your discharge or outpatient prescription when you leave hospital, which you should give to your GP as soon as you can so they can add the new item(s) to your regular medication list. Your hospital doctor will also send a written summary of your outpatient consultation or hospital admission to your GP that includes details of your medicines. Your GP may want to review your treatment before giving you another prescription to ensure that the new medicine is working for you, so check with your surgery whether you need an appointment.

Make sure you arrange a new prescription from your GP in plenty of time before your medicines run out. It may take a few days for your local chemist to order your medicine if it is an item they do not normally keep in stock.

What should I do if I am on a medicine that my GP can't prescribe?Show [+]Hide [-]

Occasionally the hospital doctors prescribe medicines that can only be supplied through the hospital pharmacy; if this is the case your doctor or specialist nurse will inform you of this, and tell you how to arrange further supplies. You will normally need to contact your specialist nurse, clinic prescription line or the consultant's secretary to request a new supply, and the clinic will give you the correct contact details for this.

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