Radiology (Xray)

Nuclear Medicine Department Freeman Hospital and RVI

Nuclear Medicine involves using radioactive substances to diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases. The radioactive substances are injected, or swallowed by the patient, and will gather in the specific area we want to study or treat.

Our facilities

The Nuclear Medicine Department is based at the Freeman and the RVI.

We have six 'Gamma cameras' and perform approximately 12,000 procedures every year. As well as routine investigations, we perform more specialist procedures not available at other hospitals in the North East.

The Nuclear Medicine Department also manages the PET CT scanning and Bone Mineral Assessment services.

The PET CT scanner, based at the Campus for Ageing and Vitality, has an integral role in the early detection and treatment of cancer. The service is also heavily involved in research.

Bone Mineral Assessment is based in the Musculo-Skeletal Department at the Freeman, and involves the use of X-Rays to determine bone density.

Our location

The Nuclear Medicine Department at the Freeman is situated in the Northern Centre For Cancer Care (NCCC) on Level 2.  Nuclear Medicine at the RVI is based in the Leazes Wing.


For appointments, please call the relevant number:

  • Nuclear Medicine, Freeman - 0191 213 8200 
  • Nuclear Medicine, RVI - 0191 2824038 
  • Bone Mineral Assessment - 0191 223 1166
  • PET CT - 0191 248 1150
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