Renal (Kidney) Services

Young Adult Kidney Service

We provide a dedicated Young Adult Kidney Service to support young people living with kidney disease.

One of only a handful of its kind in the UK, the service provides information and support to young adults and their families, easing their transition from children’s to adult kidney (renal) services.

Services we provide

Young adults can find it hard to cope with a chronic illness and can lose focus when it comes to understanding their condition, its treatment and lifestyle challenges. 

Having someone who understands and supports them can make a real difference – and support from other young people is vitally important. We give advice on the daily challenges of living with kidney disease and information on a whole range of subjects, including:

  • education
  • employment
  • finance
  • housing
  • childcare. 

In the past, young people were treated alongside children or elderly patients, making them feel extremely isolated. 

A Young Adult Kidney Co-ordinator - funded by the British Kidney Patient Association - offers practical, social and emotional support, to help young adults gain independence in managing their condition and their lives.

The Young Adult Kidney Fund

The Young Adult Kidney Fund is a local charitable fund which supports the Young Adult Kidney Service at the Freeman Hospital.

Where does the money go?

Donations help us to keep on providing this valuable service by:

  • Subsidising social events where young adults can meet - many people are low-paid or unemployed due to the chronic nature of their illness, so paying for social events can be difficult.
  • Getting young adults involved in the Transplant Games in the UK and abroad. This is a great chance to celebrate life, keep fit and have fun socialising with others who have received transplants and families who have donated the organs of their loved ones. Attending the UK transplant games costs around £210 per person.
  • Paying for young adult-friendly information leaflets and facilities for the clinic.
  • Subsidising individual exercise programmes - currently around £55 per session.
  • Training a young adult to become a peer supporter - currently around £65 per person for a five day programme.
  • Providing a specific ‘moving-on’ group for those who are 25-30 years old.

You can get more details about the Young Adult Kidney Fund on our charity webpages.

More information

For more details about the Young Adult Kidney Service, please contact:

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