Sexual health service

Sexual health service

If you are concerned or want to talk about any aspect of your sexual health, you can make an appointment in confidence at your local NHS sexual health service.

Our services -

Newcastle Sexual Health Service provides a wide range of free and confidential sexual health services including:

These webpages - which you can also access by going to - will give you more details about a range of sexual health issues.

Virtual tour

You can also take a virtual tour around the New Croft Centre in Newcastle.

Latest news

New Croft Centre will close at 5pm on Christmas Eve  (last appointment at 4pm) and will be closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day . 

New Croft Centre will close at 5pm on New Years Eve (last appointment at 4pm) and will be closed on New Years Day.

Streetwise will be closed from Tuesday 24th December and will reopen on Thursday 2nd January 2020.

Newcastle HIV Services are Integrating!

We are integrating New Croft Centre (Sexual Health/GUM) and Ward 19 (Infectious Diseases) HIV Services. Both services are already part of the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (NUTH).

This will help our clinicians to work more closely together and to offer the best management for all patients attending any Newcastle service.

 From February 2019, we are using the Trust’s electronic patient record system which is already used for all patients attending this Trust. Only data related to your care will be stored. There will be no change in your care and the staff at New Croft continue to be medical staff from both GUM and Infectious Diseases.

 If you have any questions or would like further information about this amendment please do not hesitate to contact us. PrEP Impact Trial 

The trial allocation is now full and therefore we are no longer recruiting but may do so in the future.

PrEP is a new way for people to reduce their risk of acquiring HIV.  PrEP is made up of two drugs, Tenofovir and Emtricitabine.  These drugs are known as antiretroviral medicines and have been used as part of HIV treatment for many years.

PrEP can benefit people if they are considered to be at high risk of HIV. PrEP can be used as a way to reduce risk of HIV if a person is HIV negative and does not always use condoms.

Other factors related to a higher risk of HIV are:

  • A recent STI (especially rectal infection such as syphilis, Hepatitis C or Lymphogranuloma venerum).
  • Use of PEP (post exposure prophylaxis)
  • Using some recreational drugs (crystal meth amphetamine, mephedrone or GHB/GBL)- also known as Chemsex.


Young People's Sexual Health Drop-In Clinic

 For young people aged between 13-19 years - Young People's Sexual Health Drop-In Clinic at New Croft run by nurses on a Saturday 10.00am until 12.00pm 

Free friendly and confidential sexual health information, support and services.

We will be offering:

  • STI testing, without symptoms  (you can take your own swab or pee in a pot)
  • Emergency contraception
  • Free condoms (C Card)
  • Long-acting reliable contraceptives including the implant and injection
  • Contraceptive pill/patch
  • Pregnacy testing and pregnancy decision making support.

Sexual health in Newcastle

The New Croft Centre in the heart of the city, provides Newcastle Hospitals Community Sexual Health Services.

The Centre offers both walk-in clinics and booked appointments, giving people easy access to a wide range of sexual health services.

As well as the New Croft Centre, we also hold sexual health clinic sessions across Newcastle.

 You can print off the New Croft Registration Form , complete details and bring it with you when you attend the clinic.

Team of specialists

Our friendly team of professionals provide a confidential service to help you with a wide range of sexual health issues. Our team includes health advisors, doctors, sexual health nurses and support staff.

You can find out more about our team.

More information

To get more details about our services, you can:

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