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Emergency contraception

This page gives you details about emergency contraception and where you can access it.

You can use emergency contraception - often known as the morning after pill - if:

  • You have had sex without using any contraception
  • You think the contraception might not have worked.

Where can I get emergency contraception from?

The New Croft Centre can provide free emergency contraception.

Most community pharmacists offer free emergency contraception also - look for the 'Plan B' sign for particpating pharmacists. 

Some community pharmacies don't offer free emergency contraception. These are:

  • Chambers Pharmacy, Armstrong Road, Benwell
  • Co-op Pharmacy, Arlington Avenue, Kenton
  • Co-op Pharmacy, High Street, Gosforth
  • Lloyds Pharmacy, Hillhead Parkway, Chapel House
  • Mills Pharmacy, Station Road, South Gosforth
  • Nicholson Pharmacy, Back Welbeck Road, Walker
  • Sainsbury Pharmacy, High Heaton.

You can get details of your nearest pharmacist by visiting the NHS Choices website.

All advice and treatment given is confidential (including for under-16s) and will not be communicated to your GP.

More information

You can get more details about emergency contraception from:

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