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Sexual health events and education

The Newcastle Hospitals Sexual Health Service runs events for health professionals to provide them with information about our services and sexual health issues in general.  Our next update will be Friday 20th May 2016.

Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Update 2018

We held an event on the 4th May 2018 at the Centre for Life for healthcare professionals to update their knowledge regarding Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare.  You can find the PDFs of the presentations below. 

Please note, the PDFs are password protected as the files are only relevant for the event attendees.  Attendees should have received passwords at the event, if not please contact

  • Mrs Oonagh Claber, What is the latest in breast and ovarian cancer prevention for woman with a family history? Presentation
  • Dr Katherine Gilmore  Is there anything new in hormone replacement therapy or are our options becoming more limited? Presentation
  • Dr Melissa Pinder, It’s not always thrush... Presentation
  • Mr Andrew Thorpe,  Tackling urinary incontinence in primary care  Presentation 1/2 | Presentation 2/2
  • Dr D Mansour, Contraception:  Your questions answered Presentation
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