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"When I returned to the ward after surgery for a parathyroid adenoma, I was looked after very well by the nursing staff and the very professional attitude of the trainee nurses was also notable."  Mrs EL

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endocrine system

Integrated system of small organs that involve the release of hormones which regulate metabolism, growth and development and tissue function.

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Surgical Services

Endocrine and Thyroid Surgery

The Endocrine and Thyroid Surgical Unit based here in Newcastle is one of the largest endocrine surgical centers in the UK.

Our thyroid cancer service has won Oncology Team of the Year in the national ‘Hospital Doctor of the Year Awards’ in recognition of the high standards of treatment we provide and close collaboration of all disciplines, including the direct involvement of patient groups in the joint thyroid cancer clinic.

You can be referred to the service by your GP or by another hospital doctor, and we see patients from the whole of Northern England including as far afield as Cumbria, Yorkshire and Lancashire, with some children coming to our care from southern Scotland.

The North East's provider of specialist care and treatment

We treat all types of conditions affecting the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal glands and liaise closely with many other clinical colleagues, such as endocrinology physicians, pathologists, radiologists, anesthetists and oncologists, to ensure we deliver the highest possible standard of care for each and every patient we see.

We are the regional provider of specialist surgical treatment for all thyroid, adrenal, parathyroid and other endocrine related cancers - Including the treatment of paragangliomas, MEN (Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia) and children.  We perform minimally invasive and daycase parathyroidectomy. 

We offer the full range of techniques to remove the adrenal gland, allowing the operation to be tailored to the patient and the tumour (laparoscopic, retroperitoneoscopic and open procedures).

Contact us

There are two endocrine surgeons in the unit who work closely with each other, committed to ensuring a very high standard of care. The two surgeons are Mr Richard D Bliss and Mr Peter P Truran. They can be contacted at:

(0191) 282 5549 - Secretary to Mr R Bliss, Consultant Endocrine Surgeon

(0191) 282 4661 – Secretary to Mr P Truran, Consultant Endocrine Surgeon

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