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Scarring of the liver tissue due to injury or long-term disease. Scar tissue cannot do what healthy liver tissue does - make protein, help fight infections, clean the blood, help digest food and store energy. Find out more about cirrhosis at NHS Choices.

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Surgical Services

Liver Transplantation

Contact: (0191) 223 1192 - Secretary to Mr D Manas, Consultant Transplant Surgeon

The Regional Liver Transplant Unit is one of the largest centres of its kind in the country, seeing patients from all across the UK.  The unit was established at the Freeman Hospital in 1992 where we performed our first liver transplant in January 1993. 

We have since performed nearly 550 liver transplants and now also carry out pancreas transplant surgery, sometimes together with the liver and the kidneys.

We are currently developing islet cell transplantation from the pancreas which is hoped will benefit many patients with type 1 diabetes, helping them to live normal lives, without the need for daily injections of insulin.

Clinical expertise and specialist facilities for complex conditions

Our service is built around a dedicated and highly experienced team drawn from a wide range of experts, including: liver, renal, and hepato-pancreato-biliary surgeons, specialist physicians and anaesthetists, as well as transplant coordinators, nurses, physiotherapists and social workers.  Working in close co-operation, this multidisciplinary team manages all aspects of patient care from initial assessment of potential transplant patients through to the long term post-transplant care required.

Specialist care and support where and when you need it

In addition to general medical and surgical clinics, we run some specialist clinics for patients with viral hepatitis, alcohol-related liver disease, metabolic liver disease and other liver related conditions.  Our surgeons and physicians hold some joint clinic sessions so that patients can be seen by both, where clinically appropriate.

We have access to a fully integrated intensive care unit which provides advanced and high levels of clinical support following transplant surgery, and a Liver Transplant Unit on Ward 12 run by specially trained nursing staff which provides the high dependency care needed during the weeks following such complex surgery.

Committed to advancing clinical care

The unit has close links with the medical school at Newcastle University and combines medical care with the latest surgery, technology and research which means that patients can often benefit from groundbreaking treatment and the most advanced techniques.

Contact us

If you would like further information on any aspect of our transplant services please contact:


Secretary to Mr D Manas
Consultant Transplant Surgeon

Telephone:  (0191) 223 1192

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