Therapy Services

Podiatry clinics

We provide our podiatry services in a range of locations across Newcastle. Which location you go to depends on where you live and the service you need.

Our services are held in:

Community clinics

We support GP diabetic care by providing an annual diabetic foot assessment in health centres across Newcastle. These are for people with diabetes who are assessed as a medium or high risk, and need podiatry care.

If you are assessed as a low risk with no clinical need, you will receive your annual diabetic assessment at your GP practice.

Freeman Hospital and RVI

We provide services for patients staying in hospital to relieve foot ulceration, and for patients assessed as being at a high risk of developing foot problems while in hospital.

We also provide podiatry services for patients in hospital rehabilitation wards, day centres and continuing care beds in Wheatfield and Park House care home.

Freeman only

We provide a specialist podiatrist services to patients within Newcastle Hospitals Rheumatology Services.

RVI only

We provide podiatry assessment advice and treatment to the children’s diabetes clinic.

Campus for Ageing and Vitality

We provide a specialist diabetic foot ulceration service at the Diabetes Centre. We have:

  • twice weekly consultant-led medical foot clinics
  • wound care advice and treatment
  • antibiotics prescription
  • x-ray
  • plaster technician
  • orthosis (limb support devices)
  • specialist footwear
  • diabetic nail surgery assessment.

Day centres and care homes 

We provide podiatry services for patients in rehabilitation wards, some day centres, for the continuing care beds in Wheatfield and Park House care home and to anyone registered with a Newcastle GP, living in a care home.

Geoffrey Rhodes Centre, Byker

At the Geoffrey Rhodes Centre, we provide:

  • lower limb assessments for neurological and musculoskeletal problems
  • prescription of orthosis (limb support devices)
  • prescription of footwear
  • administration of cortico-steroid injections and biomechanics
  • assessment of sports injury.

Benfield Park

At Benfield Park, we provide nail surgery under local anaesthetic using phenol to prevent regrowth.

Molineux Street

At Molineux Street, we provide sports injury assessment and treatment through the Community Biomechanics Team and the Back in Action Team.

Clinics across the city

We provide telephone triage, assessment, wound care, podiatry advice and treatment in community clinics across the city:

  • Throckley
  • Denton Park clinic
  • Gosforth clinic
  • Arthurs Hill
  • Geoffrey Rhodes Centre
  • Walker
  • Benfield Park.

All care homes cross the city

We provide podiatry support services to all residents of care homes in Newcastle who are registered with a Newcastle GP.


Patients may be able to come to our clinics via ambulance if patients are:

  • able to leave the house walking, but rarely do as they depend on other people to help
  • not able to use public transport
  • using a wheelchair and able to transfer
  • not able to travel with friends or relatives
  • not able to walk to the clinic.
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