Talbot, Professor David

Professor David TalbotConsultant Transplant Surgeon

  • Consultant Transplant Surgeon
  • Tel: 0191 223 1351
  • GMC Code: 2613206
  • Qualifications: MBBS MD FRCS PhD
  • Special Interests

    Renal Transplantation

    Liver Transplantation

    Pancreas transplantation

    Access surgery for dialysis

  • Biography
    Mr Talbot qualified at the University of Newcastle in 1982 and trained across the Northern Region and the West Midlands. He has been a Consultant Surgeon at the Newcastle Hospitals since 1995.  Mr Talbot has carried out early research into sensitive assays for the detection of donor directed antibody followed by later research into viral infection of the immuno-compromised patient, chronic rejection and immunosuppression. His main research interest has been in the marginal donor particularly the non-heart beating donor. Different methods have been evolved to improve the quality of organs obtained from this source resulting in the widespread use of kidneys, livers and now also the pancreas and lung.
  • Directorate
    Surgical Services 
  • Hospital Base
    Freeman Hospital
  • Clinics Provided

    Tuesday am - general clinic

    Thursday - liver transplant

    Friday am - access surgery

    Friday pm - renal transplant

  • Name of Secretary
    Jackie Tippett
  • Any other Information

    Mr Talbot’s hobbies include all sorts of ‘do it yourself’ including plumbing, energy conservation and boating.  

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