Reeves, Dr Helen

Dr Helen ReevesConsultant Physician (Hepatologist)

  • Consultant Physician (Hepatologist)
  • Tel: 0191 213 7210
  • GMC Code: 3494631
  • Qualifications: BM BS BMedSci FRCP PhD
  • Special Interests

    Hepatocellular cancer

    Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

    Chemotherapy induced liver injury

    Pancreatic cancer

    Colorectal liver metastases

  • Biography

    I am a clinical scientist based in the Northern Institute for Cancer Research.  I trained principally as a gastroenterologist, my academic career was supported by a Welcome Trust Clinical Scientist award, followed by an AASLD Fellowship and 3 years as a post doctoral scientist in Scott Friedmans Laboratory Mount Sinai Medical School in New York.  I am now the clinical lead for the management of patients with hepatocellular cancer (HCC) in the North East of England, promoting translational research within this patient group.  HCC complicates chronic liver disease, making targeting the tumour particularly important in these patients.  Over the last decade the referrals of patients with this cancer type have increased 10 fold in our region, reflecting both a rising incidence of the disease in obese and diabetic patients, but also the success of the 'Cancer Plan 2000', directing the management of these patients to multidisciplinary teams.  My basic science projects focus on the identification of biomarkers and candidates for targeted drug therapy.

  • Directorate


  • Hospital Base

    Freeman Hospital

  • Clinics Provided

    Radiofrequency Ablation Assessment Clinic

    Hepatocellular Cancer Clinic

    NAFLD HCC Clinic

  • Name of Secretary
    Helen Dobson
  • Any other Information

    Email secretary -


  • Helen Reeves 
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