Powell, Philip

Philip PowellDirectorate Manager - Cancer Services and Clinical Haematology

  • Directorate Manager - Cancer Services and Clinical Haematology
  • Tel: (0191) 2138693
  • GMC Code: N/A
  • Qualifications: MBA, PG cert, BA (hons)
  • Special Interests


  • Biography

    I joined the Directorate in September 2018, after holding the same role in the Trust’s Musculoskeletal Services Directorate from 2013.  I have overall operational responsibility for the Directorate, including delivery against activity targets, national and local performance targets, finance, clinical outcomes; to name but a few. I am totally committed to the provision of clinical excellence and the best possible patient experience at all times.
    I have a number of Trust level responsibilities which run alongside my Directorate commitments as well as regional roles one of which being chairing the Regional Cancer Delivery Group.


  • Directorate

    Cancer Services

  • Hospital Base

    NCCC, Freeman Hospital

  • Clinics Provided


  • Name of Secretary
    PA Claire Catherall
  • Phil Powell 
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